Have You Ever. . . . . ? Present Perfect or Past Simple

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Краткое описание: Данный материал предназначен для тренировки навыков употребления present perfect/ past simple tenses в форме диалогов. Обучающиеся начинают с простого диалога – образца. Они должны соединить вопросы и ответы. Затем они используют предложенные ситуации для составления самостоятельных
предварительный просмотр материала

Учитель английского языка В.В.Бабакина

Have you ever _____________ ? (sample dialogue)

Present perfect or past simple?

Have you ever run a marathon?

Student A:

No, I haven't.

No, I have never run a marathon.

Yes, I have.

Student B:

How often have you run a marathon?

Student A:

Just once.

I have already run three marathons.

Student B:

Get some additional information


  1. Where did the marathon take place?

  2. How long did it take you to run the marathon?

  3. How old were you when you ran the marathon?

  4. Why did you decide to run a marathon?

  5. How did you feel after the marathon?

  6. How much training did you get before the marathon?

  7. How did you prepare for the marathon?

  8. How many friends joined you in the marathon?

  9. What time did the marathon start?










tudent A:

Now match the answers A-K with the questions 1 - 9 (there are 2 answers too many)

  1. I felt I needed a challenge.

  2. At 9:00 o'clock.

  3. My best friend was with me.

  4. I ran more than 2 hours.

  5. I wore my favourite trainers.

  6. Quite a lot.

  7. It took place in London.

  8. I was 16.

  9. We had a party.

  10. I felt absolutely tired!.

  11. I went running second day and I ate healthy food.

Student B:

Make similar dialogues using the ideas from the box

Have you ever

been to Britain?

fallen off a bicycle?

flown in a helicopter?

slept in a tent?

climbed a mountain?

watched a horror film?

slept in?

had a seaside holiday?

swum in the sea?

tried to do something dangerous?

forgotten to do your homework?

won a competition?

Activity: Throw the dice and ask the question:

Have you ever … (+ past participle)

ride on a camel

lose money

play golf

fail exam

eat exotic food

break a vase

surprise your mum

drink cola

fall out with a friend

be late for school

have a fight

fall asleep during class

climb a mountain

do the shopping

feel depressed

play the drums


swim in very cold water

take photos

count up to 1,000

play hard

score a goal

tell a lie

fall in love

try to reduce weight

lose key

donate money to charity

look after a baby

watch TV till midnight

drink coffee

stay at a hotel

have a picnic

paint the walls

draw a picture

Catch a bird

Watch the stars

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