Инсценировка сказки на английском языке Волк и семеро козлят

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предварительный просмотр материала


(для учащихся 3-4 классов)


Образовательная: расширение лингвистического кругозора


Развивающие: развитие творческих способностей уч-ся,

формирование готовности к коммуникации,

мотивации к изучению английского языка.

Воспитательные: развитие интереса к русской и англоязыч-

ной литературе и чтению, воспитание ува-

жения к культуре других народов.

Оборудование: интерьер домика, костюмы, маски, ИКТ.

Действующие лица:

Рассказчик, семеро козлят, волк, мать -коза, доктор


Scene 1

Storyteller: You know an old story about a wolf and seven little kids.

Now the play begins!

(Mother Goat has a jug or a milk can in her hand .She wants to go to the market. All her Кids are around her.)

Mother Goat: I am Mother Goat. I have got seven little kids. We live in the

forest. My kids are very active, kind and smart. They can jump

and run well but they can't swim. My kids like to play games

with me and help me about the house. They like to eat fruit

and vegetables but they don't like any meat. I think our family

is very friendly. Now, my dear children, I must go to the market

and get some milk, some corn, some carrots and some sweets

for you. You must still.

-If Big Bad Wolf

Comes to eat you up,

His feet are black,

His voice is gruff and sharp.

Don't open the door! Lock the door

and- good-bye, my kids!

The first Kid: OK. Good-bye, Mother! Come back soon!

The second Kid: Don't worry, Mummy. We'll not let Wolf in!

The third Kid: We love you very much!

(далее исполняется песня на мотив "В траве сидел кузнечик")

The fourth Kid: I'd like to clean the carpets.

The fifth Kid: I'd like to wash the dishes.

- 1 -

The sixth Kid: I'd like to dust the sideboard.

The seventh Kid: I'd like to sweep the floor.

Mother Goat: How nice of you.

You've got so many talents.

How nice of you.

I'll bake a cake for you.

Scene 2

(Kids want to play games at home.)

Kids: We are seven little kids-

Sisters and brothers.

Having fun in peace

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7-

Always together!

Our Mummy is our best friend!

The first Kid: Can you hop like a rabbit?

The second Kid: Can you jump like a frog?

The third Kid: Can you walk like a duck?

The fourth Kid: Can you run like a dog?

The fifth Kid: Can you fly like a bird?

The sixth Kid: Can you swim like a fish?

The seventh kid: And be still, like a good child,

As still as you wish.

Scene 3

Storyteller: Look! There is the big bad Wolf! ( The Wolf comes up to the Goat's house)

He is at the door. He wants some milk for you!

- 2 -

Wolf: I am a Wolf.

I' m very fat.

When I'm hungry

I am sad.

I like to eat eggs, bread, ham, fish and a lot of meat

Now I want to eat Mother Goat's kids. They are very tasty! ( in a loud, rough voice) Open the door! It's me, your mother. I have some milk for you!

Kids: No, no, you are not our mother!

The first kid: Our mother's voice is soft!

The second kid: Our mother's voice is sweet!

The third kid: Our mother's voice is nice!

The fifth kid: She is clever and kind!

The sixth kid: She is polite and careful!

The seventh kid: Our mother is good!

Kids: We mustn't open the door to anybody!

Wolf: But I have some sweets for you!

Kids: We don't want any sweets from you!

Wolf: And I have some ice-cream for you!

Kids: We don't want any ice-cream from you!

Wolf: Now I'm angry! Open the door or I'll break it!

(кoзлята исполняют песню на мотив "Hам не страшен серый волк)

Kids: We are brave and clever kids,

clever kids, clever kids.

We are not afraid of Big Bad Wolf, Big Bad Wolf!

We are not afraid of you!

Wolf: You silly kids!

- 3 -

Scene 4

Storyteller: And the Wolf goes to his doctor Dill.

Doctor: I'm the doctor, doctor Dill.

I treat patients who are ill.

Wolf: Hello! I am glad to see.

Doctor: Hello! I am glad to see you too. How are you?

Wolf: So-so. I am your patient. Oh, my throat! I'm so ill!

I'm almost dead! Help me, please! I need a new voice.

Thin and sweet. No choice!

Doctor: OK. No problem. I' ll treat your throat. Let me see

your tongue, your throat, your malady. Let's do exercises!

Head and shoulders,

Knees and toes.

And eyes and ears,

And mouth and nose.

Head and shoulders,

Knees and toes .

You'll sing like Mother Goat.

Wolf: Fantastic! Thank you very much.

Doctor: Not at all.

Wolf: Kids! Won't you like my sweetest call?

Scene 5

Storyteller: Now Wolf's voice is soft, and he will go up to the

Goat's house again.

Wolf (in a soft voice): Open the door, my dear children! It's me, your mother!

I have just come from the market. I have a lot of sweets for you.

- 4 -

I like ice-cream.

You like sweets

I like cookies.

You like cheese.

I like coffee.

You like milk.

I love you.

Do you love me?

The first Kid: No, we don't love you. We love our Mummy.

The second Kid: Our mother's voice is the softest of all voices.

The third Kid: Our mother's voice is the sweetest of all voices.

The fourth Kid: Our mother's voice is the nicest of all voices.

The fifth Kid: She is the cleverest and the kindest mother in the world.

The sixth Kid: She is the most careful mother in the world.

The seventh Kid: Our mother is the best of all!

Wolf: I am hungry. I am angry. I'll break the door!

Kids: We are not afraid of you!

Wolf: Do you give up? One!

Do you give up? Two!

Do you give up? Three!

Kids: No, no! We are not afraid of you! We must fight!

Storyteller: Band! The Wolf breaks the door! The Wolf rushes into the

room. The fight begins. The Wolf is frightened.

Wolf: Oh, what's the matter? What does all this mean?

I must run. I must run, quick, quick!

Scene 6

Storyteller: He runs away. Kids are happy. Mother Goat comes in.

Mother Goat: Oh, what's the matter?

The first Kid: Everything is all right, Mummy.

- 5 -

The second Kid: The Wolf wants to eat us up!

The third Kid: But it's not easy to eat us up!

The fourth Kid: Mother is the dearest

Of all the friends we know.

She helps us work and helps us play

That's why we love her so.

The fifth Kid: I like the way you look.

I like the way you cook.

Now what I really want to say is:

Happy Mother's Day!

The seventh kid: They are flowers: fresh and white,

Red and rosy, yellow, blue.

Oh, these flowers are so nice!

Dear Mum, they are for you.

Kids: The more we are together,

The more we are together

The happier we are.

For my friend is your friend

And your friend is my friend

Mother Goat: Oh, my dear brave children! It's very good that you

are not afraid of the Wolf.

- 6 -

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