Тест №6 3 класс Spotlight

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Modular Test 6

3 class "Spotlight"

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Салина Е. В.

Date: ______________________Name __________________________class 3 test 6


Underline the correct word.

Example: There is / are four rooms in / on the house.

  1. There is / are a tree next to / under the house.

  2. There is / are some children in / on the classroom.

  3. There is / are water behind / in the glass.

  4. There is / are two mirrors in / on the bedroom.

  5. There is / are a fridge in / on the kitchen.


Write the plurals.

Example: a baby - babies.

  1. a glass - ________________ 2) a box - ___________________

3) a family - ________________ 4) a shelf - __________________

5) a sandwich - _______________________


Read and match.

Example: Where's the book? - On the table.

  1. What's in the cupboard? a) No, there aren't.

  2. How many chairs are there? b) In the garden.

  3. Where's Jane? c) A glass.

  4. Is there a desk in your room? d) Yes, he is.

  5. Are there any apples on the table? e) Yes, there is.

  6. Is Sam under the bed? f) Three.


Read and write yes or no.

My grandparents' house is very big! There's a kitchen, a living room, two bathrooms and three bedrooms. There's a cooker and a big table in the kitchen. The living room is green and there are two armchairs and a sofa in it. There's a nice garden behind the house. You can see a lot of apple trees in the garden.

Example: There are three bathrooms. (no)

  1. There are three bedrooms. _______

  2. There's a cooker in the kitchen. _______

  3. The living room is pink. _______

  4. There's a sofa and two armchairs. ______

  5. There's a garden in front of the house. ______

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