Урок систематизации знаний по США ( в рамках ФГОС)

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Карпенко Марина Владимировна, учитель английского языка МБОУ «Лицей №2» г.Протвино

  1. </<span>How are you today? Do you like English? Do you enjoy learning English? What do you need English for? (мотивация учебной деятельности.)

  1. «Слепой кластер» Этап «Вызова»(актуализация)

  1. Look at these words. Can you guess what country we are going to speak about.

Look at this cluster and fill in the missing words:

What do we Know about The USA? Make the sentences with these words.

  1. Tell me please, what we are going to do at the lesson. What is our aim?

Цели урока:

  1. закрепить и систематизировать знания по США

  2. Отработать грамматические навыки по теме .


- развивать лексические и грамматические навыки;

- развивать навыки устной речи;

-развивать интерес к предмету

-расширять кругозор;


Этап «Осмысления и беседы по теме»:

  1. Our lesson is devoted to the USA ? Its history and geography. Where is it situated?( in North America). Now we are going to remember some information about the discovery of this continent.

Pupil 1: Шерман Л.

The first man who discovered America was Christopher Columbus . He was a seamanand made a lot of sea voyages. He was interested in India and decided to get there. He knew that our planet is round and sailed west. Soon he arrived in Central AMERICA .It was in1492. He thought he was in India and gave the people , he met on the island, the name of Indians.

Pupil 2 : Волков М.

Native Americans came to America from Asia and lived in tribes. They lived in wooden houses, or wigwams. The people were hunters and fishermen. They had interesting festivals with music and dancing. Europeans took most of their land. Indians fought to defend their homes. Nowadays they try to keep their traditions and the language.

Pupil: Выгановский Е.

New York Is the largest city of the USA. It is an important center of culture. New York is situated in the northeast of the country. It lies on some islands. Manhattan, an island, is the central part of New York.

Непогодина Л.

New York is famous for its skyscrapers, streets and avenues. Fifth Avenue is popular with New Yorkers and tourists and famous for its shops. The Metropolitan Museum is situated there as well.

Кузнецова П.

Chinatown and Little Italy are also very interesting places to visit in Manhattan. There you can find different restaurants with tasty food.

Демидчик Л.

Central Park is a very pleasant place, a green island in the middle of a busy city. There are some lakes and ponds, two skating rinks and a Zoo there.

Тюнникова Л.

Everybody knows the Statue of Liberty, the famous symbol of the USA. It stands on the Liberty Island. The Statue was a present from French people to Americans.

  1. Этап «Обобщение теории» (Изменение ситуации)

Now let's revise some grammar. Look at the sentences. Open the brackets .Use the right forms of the verbs.

  1. If John (bring) the book), I will read about American Indians to you.

  2. If she (not, know)anything about the statue of Liberty, we (tell) her about it.

  3. When James (arrive)in New York , he (show) me the streets and avenues of the city.

  4. We( visit) Little Italy when we (come) to Manhattan.

  5. We (go) to Broadway as soon as we arrive in New York.

What can you say about the sentences? Let's remember some grammar rules.

«Текст с пропусками» (контроль теории) (алгоритм выполнения)

В отличие от русского языка в_________ предложениях времени и условия ______ время не употребляется. Вместо него используются формы ____________ времени.

Если придаточное стоит ___________ главным ,то оно отделяется от него запятой.

And Now check the right answer.

Do one more exercise to remember the rule. Exchange your copy books with your neighbour and give a mark to your friend. (ответы на слайде.)

Формирование регулятивных УУД!

1. Mary (arrive) in Manhattan to on Sunday if she ( do) everything on Saturday.

  1. If Simon (go) to the USA, he (see) the Great Lakes.

  2. When Sally (go) New York , she ( visit ) the Metropolitan Museum.

  3. If I (go) to the USA, I (see)the Statue of Liberty.

  4. If it (be) rainy, I (not to go) to the park.

  1. Listen to the text about Washington and try to remember some information about the city:

Washington,D.C. is the US capital.The city was named after the first President of the USA, George Washington. It is situated on the Potomac river. Its territory doesn'tbelong to any state .It is not the biggest city in the USA, but it is the most important. The buildings are not very tall , the streets and avenues are straight ,green and beautiful.The US government and the Congress are situated there. You can see the White House and the Capitol. The Capitol is great.This is where the Congress meets and makes laws. The building of the White House is very beautiful with tall columns and the flag on the roof. It is the residence of the US president.

And there are other interesting places… the Washington Memorial, the Lincoln Memorial, the Library of Congress , the Natural History Museum and others…

  1. Washington ,D.C. is

  1. A State b) the capital

  1. It is situated on the banks of ….

  1. The Potomac river b) the Colorado river

  1. It is …. city in the USA.

a) the Biggest b) not the biggest

4. The White House is a place , where the …… is situated.

a) residence of the president b) Congress

  1. Read the text аbout Chicago , one more famous city in the USA, and answer these questions (вопросы на доcке) работа с учебником.

  1. What makes Chicago interesting for tourists?

  2. Where is Chicago situated?

  3. What is the second name of the city?

  1. Этап «Закрепление» «Жокей и лошадь» Have you got any other questions you want to know about The USA.


  1. What can visitors see in the Metropolitan Museum?

  2. Why are so many bridges in New York?

  3. What is the largest state?

  4. What do the letters D. C. in the name of the capital mean?

  5. How many kinds of land does the USA have?


  1. The Museum has a wonderful collections of paintings.

  2. New York is situated on islands.

  3. The largest state is Alaska.

  4. The letters D.C. mean District of Columbia. Its territory doesn't belong to any state.

  5. The USA has many kinds of land - wide grasslands, rocky mountains, powerful rivers, lakes of different sizes, sandy beaches, great forests, and lands of ice and snow.


P 52 ex 8. Choose the state you want. Find some information.( выбор любого источника информации в любом виде: презентация или рассказ…)


Our lesson is getting to the end. Now let's remember our aim and tasks. Have we fulfilled them?

Appreciate your work at the lesson:

Well done


Not bad

The lesson is over.

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