Контрольная работа за 1 триместр к учебнику Английский в фокусе 5 класс

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Test (term 1) Sportlight 5


1. Listen and choose the right variant

  1. What is in the blue handbag?

  1. A digital camera b) gloves c) a scarf

  1. Where is Mark from?

  1. Canada b) the USA c) The UK

  1. What collection has Tim got?

  1. Postcards b) CDs c) stamps

  1. How old is Emma's mum?

  1. 32 b) 31 c) 30

  1. What language can Sally speak?

  1. French b) Spanish c) Italian

  1. Who is Scott's favourite cartoon character?

  1. Asterix b) Batman c) Spiderman


2. Match the titles to the descriptions of the cartoons. One title is extra.

  1. A Fantastic Doll Collection.

  2. A Football Fan

  3. Travelling

  4. Souvenirs Can Be Different

  5. Many Countries, Many Worlds

  1. My family likes travelling. Father travels a lot for his work. He collects glasses; he brings them from different countries and cities. Best of all he likes the glass from Wales with a dragon on it. All the glasses have symbols of the countries. Father knows many interesting things about these countries. Such souvenirs help us to learn history and geography. His stories are always fascinating.

  2. My sister Helen also likes souvenirs. She brings bars of soap from different cities. You can read names of the hotels and cities on them. Some of them have pictures of famous places. The bar from England smells fantastic. Smells brings memories. My sister likes speaking about the cities she visited, home and abroad.

  3. My brother Mark is fond of sports, so he has got tickets from different football matches. The most valuable ticket is from Brazil. He didn't go there himself but his friend's parents did. Mark watched the match on TV. He plays the game every Saturday with his friends.

  4. Mum and I have got a wonderful collection of dolls from France, Italy, Russia and Turkey. The Turkish doll is so beautiful. These souvenirs help to remember the places we visited.

Grammar and vocabulary

3. Put in the words from the box.

An (1) _________ museum!

Our fantastic museum is a real two‐floor house. Come (2) _________ and see how an English family lives! (3) _________ there is a kitchen, a living room and a bathroom. In the kitchen you can have a (4)_________ English lunch, in the living room you can read English books or watch TV in English. Come (5)_________ and look at the bedrooms. There you can listen to English music and look at the posters on the walls with English favourite cartoon and film characters.

(6) _________ the museum there is a beautiful garden with a lot of flowers and trees.

Welcome to our museum!

4. Circle the correct words.

‐ Look! I (1) _________ a photo of (2) _________ Australian friends!

‐ (3) _________ two teenagers (4) _________ the picture. What are (5) _________ names?

‐ Bill and Rose.

‐ Look! (6) _________ a geography book in Bill's hands. Is geography (7) _________ favourite subject?

‐ Yes, (8) _________ is. Bill (9) _________ a lot of maps (10) _________ the walls (11) _________ his bedroom.

‐ And what about Rose? What's (12) _________ favourite subject?

‐ (13) _________ is music. Rose likes music very much. She (14) _________ a great CD collection (15)_________ home.

1. a) 've got b) 's got c) 'm

2. a) an b) my c) ‐‐‐

3. a) There are b) They are c) There is

4. a) in b) at c) on

5. a) his b) their c) her

6. a) There are b) He has got c) There is

7. a) his b) my c) her

8. a) he b) she c) it

9. a) have got b) has got c) is

10. a) behind b) in front of c) on

11. a) in b) at c) on

12. a) his b) our c) her

13. a) she b) these c) it

14. a) is b) has got c) can

15. a) at b) at the c) in


5. Write about Katya's doll house. Use the words from the box.

a wooden doll house not big, but very nice 2 floors downstairs

a kitchen and a living room upstairs a bathroom and a bedroom

a lot of furniture in all the rooms

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