Внеклассное мероприятие:Рождественская сказка(4-6 классы)

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Внеклассное мероприятие по английскому языку

«Рождественская сказка»

Roles: Mary, a dragon, a snake, January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December, a Queen

Девочка выходит из леса

Girl: Au,Au. It is very cold and scary in the forest. (садиться под елку)I'm cold! Br Br

Выходит дракон

Dragon: Today is Christmas Eve!!! I'm happy! Oh, A girl! What's your name? What are you doing here?

Girl: Hello. I'm Mary. I must find some flowers for the Queen!

Dragon: Don't worry! Today is Christmas! It is the time of wonders!!!Let's go!!

Из-за дерева выползает змея.

Snake: Hello, my friend Dragon!

Dragon: Oh, A snake!!Hello, hello

Snake: Where are you going? Who is this?

Dragon: This is Mary. She must find some flowers for the Queen. Can you help us?

Snake: Of course. I will help you. Let's go to my friends.

Все выходят на полянку. Горит костер.

Snake: My friends! Where are you?

January: Hello!

Dragon: January, dear!!!Please help us! This is Mary. She needs some flowers for the Queen.

January: Ok. Let's call all our brothers: 12 MONTHS

In January it sometimes snows

The days are short, the cold wind blows.

I've got a brother February

February: Hello! I'm February.

In February the winter trees

Are black and brown, there are no leaves.

The snow is falling,

The wind is blowing,

The ground is white,

All day and all night.

I've got a brother March

March: Hello!!! I'm March

In March the birds begin to sing

They are happy now it's spring.

I've got a brother April

April: Hello! I'm April.

In April blue sky comes again

There's sometimes sun and sometimes rain.

I've got a brother May.

May: Hello everybody!! I'm May.

In May it's warm and we can play

Out in the sunshine every day.

May brings flowers, joy and grass

And the holidays for us.

I've got a brother June.

June: Hello! I'm June

In June the days are hot and bright

And stars shine in the sky at night.

I've got a brother July.

July: Hello! I'm July.

In July we feel so free

Swimming in the bright blue sea.

Hot July brings apples, cherries

And a lot of other berries.

I've got a brother August.

August: Hello! I'm August.

In August we are on holidays

Summer is the time to play.

I've got a brother September. September, come here!!!

September: Hello everybody!!!I'm September.

In September "Hello Friends"

It's time to go to school again.

I've got a brother October.

October: Hello my friends!!! I'm October.

In October yellow leaves

Fall from all the autumn trees.

I've got a brother November.

November: Hello!!!I'm November.

In November days are dark

And we can't play out in the park.

I've got a brother December.

December: Hello!! I'm December.

In December Christmas comes

Fun and games for everyone.

Girl: Wow!!!12 brothers!!! I'm glad to see you! Please, help me!!! I'm very cold and tired!!!

April: Ok! We will help you.

Girl: Thank you! You are so kind.

April: But let's sing a magic Christmas song

Dragon\Snake: Hooray!!!We love this song.

Дети исполняют песню "Jingle Bells"

Из-за ёлки Апрель выносит корзину с подснежниками.

Girl: Oh, thank you brothers! You helped me so much.

Раздается бой часов и появляется королева.

Queen: Good Evening everyone!!!

Girl: Oh A Queen!!! Hello!!!

Queen: Thank you Mary!!! You made my wish true!

Girl: My friends helped me!!

</ Queen: Thank you brothers, thank you Mary, thank you Dragon, thank you Snake! You are so kind and cheerful!

Дети исполняют финальную песню «Merry Christmas»

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