Сабақ жоспары Ұлыбританияның ауа райы қандай?

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Пәні (Subject) English

Сыныбы (Group) 5сынып

Сабақтын тақырыбы (The theme) Ұлыбританияның ауа райы қандай?

Сабақтың мақсаты:

The Aims

Тақырыптың мағынасын ашу, сөздік қорын молайту, еркін сөйлеуге дағдыландыру

Күтілетін нәтиже:

Өз бетімен ойлау. Өзара сұхбаттаса алады. Топтық жұмысқа үйренеді. Сыни ойлау біледі. Сабақ барысында алған мағлұматты, өмірде пайдалануға дайын болады. Оқушылар сөздік қор жинақтайды және оқу мен жазуда, сөйлеуде пайдаланады

Ресурстар (Visual aids)

a book, pictures, cards, blackboard, course - book, posters, tape - recorder.

Оқулық (Literature):

English book, internet

Сабақ барысы. Lesson procedure.


Ұйымдастыру кезеңі (Organization moment)

T: Good morning boys and girls! How are you?

P: Good morning teacher! We are fine, and you?

T: I am well thank you. Sit down please.

Conversation with duty.

Фонетикалық жаттығу (Phonetic drill): тілді жаттықтыруға арналған жаттығу

Listen and repeat.

Listen and learn the patter:

Whether the weather be fine

Or whether the weather be not?

Whether the weather be cold

Or whether the weather be hot?

Well whether the weather what ever the whether

Whether we like it or not.

Үй тапсырмасы

(Checking up home task)

T: What was your home task for today?

P: It was _______________________

T: Ok Very Well! I'll give you 2 minutes to repeat your home work. Then, I'll check up.

T: Are you ready for the lesson? Ok let's begin our lesson!

Жаңа сабақ

(The theme) Presentation

T: Today we have a new theme. The theme of our lesson is: ______________________

We have already spoken about climate and weather at our previous English lesson. Today we are going to learn some more new words, speak about the weather forecasts and learn English Idioms. We'll read the text and speak about the weather, listen to the weather forecast and watch videos.

So, let's start our lesson.

And now, children, answer my questions:

- What season is it now? - Is it cold in autumn? - Does it often rain? - Is it snowing?- Warm today, isn't it? - What's the weather like? - What was the weather like? - What will the weather be like tomorrow?

Look at the screen and repeat after me: a.) drizzle-моросящий дождь shower - ливень heavy rain - сильный дождь gale, strong winds - сильный ветер weather forecast - прогноз погоды b). Weather: damp - сырая sultry - душная stuffy - знойная chilly - промозглая bad, nasty - ненастная wretched - скверная dull - пасмурная


It looks like rain. - Похоже, пойдет дождь.

It is raining cats and dogs! - Льет как из ведра.

to get wet to the skin / to get wet through - промокнуть насквозь (до ниточки)

I can't stand heat. - Я не могу выносить жару.

Spring sets in March.-Весна наступает в марте.

It thunders. - Гремит гром.

It lightens. - Сверкает молния.

Негізгі бөлім

Text : The Weather in Great Britain

It is never too hot or too cold in Great Britain. This is because of the sea, which keeps the island warm in winter and makes the air cool in summer. The winds are also very often in Great Britain. They blow from the south-west two days out of every three. But the warm winds from the Atlantic are very wet. They also bring a lot of rain to the island. The east or north-east winds are cold and dry.

The weather very often changes in Great Britain. You can never have the same kind of weather for a long time. In spring, for example, sunshine and showers follow each other so often during the day that an umbrella or a rain-coat are really necessary in Great Britain. The weather in spring is generally mild, but sometimes the days are really cold. The summer is not so cold as on the continent, and warm days in autumn are beautiful. In winter they have all sorts of weather. Sometimes it rains and sometimes it snows.

Answer the questions.

1)What's the weather like in Great Britain?

2)What is the climate of Great Britain?

3)How is the weather like in summer and spring?

4)How is the weather like in winter?

Қортынды бөлім (Conclusion)Сөйлемді аяқта:

1. The full name of the country is___________________________________________.

2. The UK consists of -____ parts. They are __________________________________.

3. The capital of the UK is ________________________________________________.

4. The largest cities of the UK are___________________________________________.

5. The national emblem of England is________________________________________.

6. The national emblem of Scotland is _______________________________________.

7. The national emblem of Wales is _________________________________________.

8. The national emblem of Northern Ireland is _________________________________.

9. London is situated on the bank of the river __________________________________.

10. The official head of the UK is ____________________________________________.


Сабақ жоспары Ұлыбританияның ауа райы қандай?

1. It's very bright and hot.

2. They flow merrily in the streets after winter.

3. What makes autumn the richest season?

4. They are small and cold and like little stars.

5. They grow in parks, gardens, forests. They are beautiful. We like them very much.

6. The coldest seasons of the year.

7. We like the songs they sing in the forest.


Қритерий арқылы бағалау парағымен бағалау. Жұпқа, топқа баға беру

Үйге тапсырма беру. Home work

Giving up home task.

T: Open your diaries and write down the homework for the next lesson:


T: You were very active. You are worked hard. I hope you have much information about this theme. You may be free.

Lesson is over. Good Bye pupils!


Мен қандай жетістікке жеттім? Деген сұраққа жауап жазу

Continue the sentences:

At the lesson I learned /understood… .

I was very good at … .

It was difficult for me … .

I was surprised by… .

It was important for me …

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