Лексико-грамматический тест по английскому языку для 4 класса

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Вариант 1

1. Выбери и вставь слово, наиболее подходящее по смыслу.

1) London is the … of Great Britain.

a) country b) capital c) museum

2) How many … are there over the river Thames?

a) bridges b) stadiums c) squares

3) Jane must … of her old Granny.

a) take part in b) take place c) take care of

4) Moscow was … in 1147.

a) founded b) different c) like

5) Excuse me, I'm … Oxford Street. Can you tell me where it is?

a) getting to b) staying at c) looking for

6) I would like to meet a … Londoner.

a) cruel b) real c) symbol

2. Выбери и вставь глагол в нужной форме.

1) She … chess now.

a) play b) plays c) is playing d) are playing

2) We … English at home.

a) speak b) speaks c) is speaking d) are speaking

3) I … to see Big Ben at the moment.

a) want b) am wanting c) wanted d) will want

4) The boy … a book now is my friend.

a) read b) reading

5) Tom found a … letter at home.

a) returned b) returning

3. Выбери правильный вариант перевода.

1) Сейчас он завтракает.

a) He is having breakfast now.

b) He has breakfast now.

2) Почему Вы ненавидите мою сестру?

а) Why are you hating my sister?

b) Why do you hate my sister?

3) Тише! Они слушают лекцию врача.

a) Keep silence! They listen to the doctor's lecture.

b) Keep silence! They are listening to the doctor's lecture.

4.Прочитайте текст и выберите правильный вариант ответа:

Tony and Alison are friends. Tony is twelve. Alison is eleven. Tony is English. Alison is Scottish. Alison is with her cat. The cat's name is Lucky. Lucky is very kind. She is white and grey. Lucky is Alison's friend. The cat is her good friend. Tony is with his dog. His dog's name is Ben. He is grey. Tony's dog is very clever. The dog is Tony's great friends. The cat is not the dog's friend.

1) Tony and Alison are…

a) classmates b) friends c) pupils

2) Tony is…

a) eleven b) twelve c) ten

3) Alison is …

a) ten b) twelve c) eleven

4) Tony is from…

a) Scotland b) Wales c) England

5) Alison is from…

a) England b) Scotland c) Wales

6) Alison has … and Tony has…

a) a cat, a parrot b) a dog, a fox c) a cat, a dog

7) The cat is very…

a) clever b) kind c) angry

8) The dog is very…

a) kind b) angry c) clever

9) Alison's good friend is …

a) Tony b) Ben c) Lucky

10) Tony's good friend is …

a) Ben b) Lucky c) Alison

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