Тест на проверку лексических навыков

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REVISION TEST (повторение)

Тест на проверку лексических навыков

УМК В.П.Кузовлева, Н.М.Лапа, Э.Ш.Перегудовой и др. «Английский язык»: 5класс



Учитель английского языка

Некрасова Л.Л.




Lexical test

1. Pete……..a magazine now.

a) read b) reads c) reading d) is reading e) are reading

2. Mr. White's hobby is…. .

a) read fiction b) reading fiction c) reads fiction d) to reads fiction e) to reading fiction

3. He…..to speak to you now.

a) is wanting b) want c) wants d) is want e) are wanting

4. Antonym for the word "possible" is….. .

a) unpossible b) impossible c) dispossible d) mispossible e) inpossible

5. People must………nature.

a) climb b) continue c) breathe d) protect e) hide

6. …….is a country ruled by a king or a queen.

a) industry b) state c) kingdom d) saint e) climate

7. Dad is not surprised…..the information.

a) on b) about c) of d) in e) at

8. My house is …..the shop and the theatre.

a) among b) long c) between d) along e) across

9. When it is dark outside we turn on……. .

a) electricity b) gas c) cold water d) vacuum cleaner e) washing machine

10. A piece of furniture to sit at and work is a….

a) sink b) table c) chair d) sofa e) cupboard

11. Find the odd word.

a) butcher b) tailor c) singer d) driver e) letter

12. If a child is……., he always asks questions.

a) curious b) lazy c) clever d) strong e) foreign

13. Things you may hang on the window are…… .

a) lamps b) fires c) pictures d) curtains e) carpets

14. The antonym for the word "fast" is….

a) quick b) brief c) slow d) terrible e) nice

15. You can buy tickets for concerts in…

a) the booking-office b) the shop c) the Custom d) the information office

e) the theatre

16. Synonym for the word "high" is…. .

a) deep b) save c) tall d) fresh e) hide

17. ……..is a person who works in hospitals and helps doctors.

a) A nurse b) A baker c) A butcher d) A grocer e) A greengrocer

18. New York is….the largest cities in the world.

a) among b) long c) between d) along e) across

19. Do you like to play…..-and-seek?

a) high b) deep c) save d) fresh e) hide

20. The synonym for the word "trip" is …..

a) train b) flight c) voyage d) weather e) ticket

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