Итоговый тест по английскому языку (5 класс)

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Краткое описание: Итоговый тест по английскому языку составлен по учебнику Биболетова М. З. "Enjoy English".В данном итоговом тесте 4 задания. Первое задание - составьте выражения. Второе задание - tag questions. Третье задание - Present Simple, Present Continuous. Четвёртое задание - исправить ошибки.Present Simple, Present Continuous.Tag
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Итоговый тест за 5 класс.

Surname _______________

  1. Match the words to make phrases.


  1. Complete the questions with tag endings.

  1. It's a fine day,____________?

  2. You are studying English, ______________?

  3. Ann has a new car, ____________?

  4. You were in England last year, ____________?

  5. He can speak English, ____________?

  6. You will write to me, _____________?

  7. He gives a lesson every day, ___________?

  8. You read modern writers, ____________?

  9. He speaks English,______________?

  10. My friend plays football, _____________?

  11. Bob sang a song, …?

  12. She doesn't like coffee, ___________?

  13. He enjoys reading, ____________?

  14. You can play the guitar, ___________?

  15. They travelled a lot last summer, ___________?

  16. Those women are doctors, __________?

  17. We can have a party on Sunday, ___________?

  18. The children are not at home, _____________?

  19. Mrs Adams speaks German, _____________?

  20. Tom spent his holidays in France, ____________?

Score: _______(20)

  1. Complete the sentences. Use the Present Simple and the Present Continuous.

  1. She ____________________ (not to drink) coffee now.

  2. I_______________________ (to read) every day.

  3. He_____________ _________(to sleep) every night.

  4. We______________________ (to drink) tea every morning.

  5. They_____________________ (to go) to school every morning.

  6. I_________________________ (to read) now.

  7. He _______________________ (to sleep) now.

  8. We_______________________ (to drink) tea now.

  9. They ______________________ (to go) to school now.

  10. My Dad always _____________________ (to go) to work by car.

  11. My baby brother ____________ ____(to play) with his toys at the moment.

  12. __________ she ____________ (to get) up at six o'clock every morning?

Score: __________(24)

  1. Correct mistakes.

  1. Liza goes shopping tomorrow.____________________________________

  1. Bob brush his teeth twice a day.___________________________________

  1. I am learning English every day.__________________________________

  1. Peter looks for a new flat these days._______________________________

  1. She eats an apple at the moment.___________________________________

  1. Do you cook dinner often?________________________________________

  1. She doesn't writes letters very often.________________________________

Score: ____________(21)

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