Урок по теме животные для 5 класса

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</ Урок английского языка по теме « Животные» для 5 класса

Цель урока: закреплять учебный материал по теме: «Мир животных»


  • активизировать и закреплять изученную лексику по теме: «Животный мир»

  • совершенствовать речевые умения и навыки

  • развивать основные виды речевой деятельности (аудирование, говорение, письмо, чтение)

  • развивать языковую догадку

  • развивать интеграцию с предметами научно-естественного цикла (биология, зоология)

  • развивать интерес к иностранному языку и желание говорить на нём

  • отрабатывать правильное употребление простого неопределённого времени

  • воспитывать умение работать в парах, группах

Ход урока

1. Организационный момент

Good morning, dear children! I'm glad to see you! I hope you are feeling well today! Let's begin our lesson!

2. Речевая разминка

Do you like animals? What animals do you know? Have you got animals at home? So can you guess what the theme of our lesson is? (Animals, the world of animals)

3. Объявление темы урока и задач урока

You are right; the theme of our lesson is «The natural world». Today we are going to revise and summarize the topic Animals

4. Повторение лексического материала по теме

Find 22 words

Let's check. How many words did you find? Read them.

Divide these animals into 5 groups. Who knows what groups are?

Урок по теме животные для 5 класса

(Mammals, insects, reptiles, bird, fish)

Name mammals. Where do they live? How long do they live? How many hours do they sleep?

What do they eat?

Name insects. Where do they live? How long do they live? How many hours do they sleep?

What do they eat?

Name reptiles. Where do they live? How long do they live? How many hours do they sleep?

What do they eat?

Name birds. Where do they live? How long do they live? How many hours do they sleep?

What do they eat?

Name fish. Where do they live? How long do they live? How many hours do they sleep?

What do they eat?

5. Listening and speaking

Listen to some animals sounds. What animals are they?

I think it's a ...

6. Reading

a) Pre-reading exercise (снятие лексических трудностей)

young - молодой

claw - коготок

paw - лапа

carry - нести, носить

sharp - острый

pouch - карман (у животных)

thick - густой

top - вершина, верхушка (дерева)

eucalyptus - эвкалипт

b) Reading

Read the text about koalas and underline the correct word.

Koalas are 1) mammals/fish and, like dolphins, they have babies and they feed them on2) water/milk. Mothers carry their young in a small pouch for the first six months of their lives. Koalas can 3) climb/fly very well. They can swim very well, too. They have got thick4) grey/black fur and a big black nose. They've also got very sharp 5) claws/paws.Koalas live and sleep in the tops of eucalyptus trees in eastern 6) Australia/America. They live alone and eat eucalyptus leaves. Koalas live for about 7) fifteen/fifty years.

c) After reading exercise

Answer the questions.

  1. What can koala do?

  2. What do they look like?

  3. Where do they live?

  4. How long do they live?

7. Speaking.

a) Match the questions to the answers. What is the animal? Act the dialogue.

About 3,3 metres

When does it sleep?

  • On the plains in Africa and India

Why can it walk long distances?

  • At night

How long is its trunk?

  • Four

How tall is it?

  • Because it has got strong legs

How much does it weigh?

  • About 3,1 metres

How many legs has it got?

  • About 60 years

How long does it live?

  • About 4.000 kilos

b) Speaking. Dialogues.

Let's divide into five groups. Each group makes the dialogue about animal. Listen to the descriptions of animals. What are they?

  1. a large reptile with a long mouth and many sharp teeth that lives in lakes and rivers in hot wet parts of the world.

  2. a large white bear that lives near the North Pole.

  3. a large fish with silver skin and pink flesh that lives in the sea but swims up rivers to lay its eggs.

  4. a type of insect that has large wings, often with beautiful colours.

  5. a very small brightly-coloured tropical bird whose wings move very quickly.

(1- about crocodiles:2- about polar bear; 3- about salmons; 4- about butterflies; 5-about humming birds)

Let's listen to your dialogues.

8. Writing

Divide into two groups. Imagine you are famous explorers. You have discovered a very strange animal. Describe it and give the animal name. Change the descriptions and draw the picture of the animals.

9. Summarizing.

You are great today. What was interesting at the lesson? What did you like best of all?

The lesson is over. Good-bye!

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