Leson plan for seventh grade

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Сынып/ class:7'A,Ә,Б'

Date/күні 15.01

Lesson/сабақ: English

The theme 35

Сабақтың тақырыбы

Dogs, foxes, wolves

Сабақтың мақсаты

Aims of the lesson

A) Students should know the names of animals. They should can describe the animals using the proper degree of adjectives.

B) To acquaint with the new words and consolidate them in different forms of activities.

C) To acquaint pupils with grammar and consolidate it different forms of activities

2. The developmental aim

To enrich pupils' vocabulary and oral speech

To develop the pupils skills in speaking

3. The educative aim

to teach the pupils to be on friendly terms with their classmates

to educate young people to care for their environment

The type of the lesson

Сабақтың түрі

Combined lesson

The methods of the lesson

Сабақтың әдісі

Question-answer, discussing, to explain, comparing

Мұғалімдер үшін оқу нәтижелері

Summarize getting knowledge, through making dialogues and posters

To make collaborative atmosphere through working in groups

To make a success situation at the lesson

The main idea

Сабақта туындаған негізгі идеялар

Waiting results

Students will know about thewild animals, can tell about them through making charts according the meaning of the text.

The outline of the lesson

Organization moment: 6 мин.(1модуль)

сәлемдесу, түгендеу;

балалардың назарын сабаққа аудару;

Good morning. How are you? Are you ready for this lesson? Very well. Every one of you has three colors circles like traffic lights. During the lesson when I give you task you should show me how well you understand the task.

- What associations do you have with the word flower and your wishes for today's lesson

Green - not problems. All is clear

Yellow - I have some little problems

Red - I don't understand the task. I need one's help

Checking up the home work:

Answer the questions

Түрткі тастау 4мин.(2 модуль)

Let's answer the questions

Species Түрі

Mammal Сүткөрекшілер

Reptile рептилии…

  1. Сөздік жумыс

A squirrel, a wolf, a rabbit, a fox

Exercise 3 Read the words and find them in the text. Then practice the pronunciation

  • Осы тақырып бойынша не істейміз деп ойлап көріңдерші?

I.Жаңа сабақты оқып-білу кезеңі (reading, writing,speaking)

Now use the following information about these animals and talk about them.

Dogs and foxes

With their, long legs and sharp teeth, dogs and foxes are good for hunting. They belong to a group of meat-eating mammals. Most of these animals hunt alone, but some grey wolves, catch their food in packs. There are about 36 species of wild dogs and foxes. The best-known member of the family is the domestic dog, which came from the wolf.

Grey wolf

Тһіs is the largest member of the dog family. It is now found mainly in forests. They cooperate when they hunt, and this allows them to kill animals several times their own size. They share their food, wolves have a strict order - junior wolves have to wait for larger, older animals.

Раst Continuos шағының қолданылуы

1) Өткен шақтағы белгілі бір уакытта басталып, сол туралы айткан кезде әлі де жалгасып жатқан оқиғаны білдіреді. Оқиға болған кезді айтқанда:

а) At 5 о'с1оск, аt 7 о'с1оск, аt tһаt moment деген сияқты оқиға

уақыты айтылады.

б) Раst Indefinite шағындағы етістік түріндегі басқа да іс-

өрекеттер айтылады:

My friend was writing a letter when I came in to the room

II. Жаңа білім және іс-әрекет амалдарын алғашқы тексеру кезеңі

read and remember!

ii wolf - wolves

it fox - foxes

n squirrel - squirrels

III.Жаңа білімді және іс-әрекеттер амалдарын бекіту кезеңі

Exercise 6 True or False T F

Mike phoned Omar yesterday --- ---

Omar and his family were in the garden --- ---

Omar's father was planting flowers --- ---

His mother was planting trees --- ---

Asel was whitewashing the gate --- ---

Omar was pruning dead branches --- ---

Omar enjoys working in the garden --- ---

VI.Жаңа білімді және іс-әрекеттер амалдарын қорытындылау

Көп нүктенің орнына a/an немесе the артикльдерін қойыңыз:

1. He hasn't got ... car. But he's got ... computer. ... computer is new. 2. My friends have got ... cat and ... dog. ... dog never bites ...cat. 3. This is ... tree. ... tree is green. 4. I can see three ... boys. ... boys are playing. 5. I have ... bicycle. ... bicycle is black. My friend has no ... bicycle. 6. Our ...room is large. 7. We wrote ... dictation yesterday. ... dictation was long. 8. She has ... ball. ... ball is big. 9. I got ... letter from my... friend yesterday. ... letter was interesting. 10. When they were in Geneva, they stayed at ... hotel.

V. Home work

Describe one of the wild animals.

VI. Reflection of the lesson

Leson plan for seventh grade

VI. Mark

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