Методическая разработка Зачетная работа для 2-го курса строительного отделения

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Вопросы для проведения зачета:

.1. In what year was the first engine?

2. How did Henry Ford name his first vehicle?

3. Was the first engine powered by steam or benzene?

4. Can you name the most famous technical museums in the world?

5. What was the name of the company «Skoda» in 1895 year: Shania, Slavia, Italia?

6. What parts of a car do you know in English?

7. What was the first car?

8. What were the first automobile companies?

9. How cars changed the county, town by town?

10. How did Henry Ford name his first vehicle?

11. What can say you about an automated line in Japan?

12. What is BMW? What was the first car of BMW?

13. What can you say about General Motors' history of the company?

14. What did Toyota Motor Corporations create in 1933?

15. What was the first truck of Toyota Motor Corporations during The Pacific War?

16. What does the name "Volkswagen" mean in German?

17. What is the tagline of Volkswagen?

18. What is trademark of AutoVAZ? In what city of Russia did manufacturer locate?

19. Is Niva four-wheel drive or not? Can you explain the structure of Niva?

20. From what year did Lada produce?

Control work (Контрольная работа)

1. Match the adjectives to the reasons.


never stop talking -a


not say a lot -b


feel angry about not having what others have -c


talk to everybody -d


never betray friends -e


able to think of new ideas -f


never tell lies -j


hate spending money -h

  1. Match the questions (1-5) to the replies (a-e).

  1. I'm sorry - what did you say your name was?

  2. How do you usually get to work?

  3. Where were you at the time of the robbery?

  4. What flowers would you like in your bouquet?

  5. Would you like to pay by credit card?

  1. I was in the shop next door to the bank.

  2. No, thank you. I'd rather pay cash.

  3. Brian, Brian Clarke.

  4. I usually go by train.

  5. Some carnations, please, and perhaps some roses.

1 -


3 -


5 -

  1. Underline the correct word(s).

  1. There are a few/much sweets in the tin.

  2. Have we got a little/any books about computers?

  3. There are some/any people waiting for a doctor

  4. How much/many patients have the doctor treated this morning?

  1. There is only a little/much milk left in the fridge.

  2. I have been here for/since 1998.

  3. How much /many ham do you need?

  4. He has yet/already done his homework.

  5. She washed the dishes after/until her guests had left.

  1. They did not move house until/by the time they had had their first baby.

4. Read the article and circle the correct answer for items 1- 4.

Imagine a world with no drinking water, and no water to wash or

cook with. It is hard to imagine this, because we use water every day without even thinking about it. Yet there are terrible water shortages all over the world. In parts of Arica and China, for example, many

people don't even have clean water to drink. In fact, over half of the people in the world have to live with water shortage every day. We all need water - not just for our homes and factories, but to survive. Fortunately, there are things that we can all do to save water.

  1. The solution begins at home. We can save the water from our baths and use it for the garden, instead of wasting hundreds of litres of clean water on our lawns and plants. This would help to save many litres of water every day, especially in the summer.

  2. Governments can help by passing laws to stop factories from wasting and polluting water. If factories recycled water and stopped pouring chemicals into our lakes and rivers, there would be a lot more clean water around.

  3. Governments could also stop water companies from wasting millions of litres of water because of leaking pipes.

  4. All in all, there are many things we can do to save our planet's

disappearing water supplies. The time has come to start understanding the value of water, before a world without clean water becomes a terrible reality.

  1. The writer says that in many parts of the world people...

  1. don't have water at all

  2. don't have any clean water

  3. have too much water

  1. The writer suggests that we should...

  1. use more water at home

  2. stop using water at home

  3. stop using so much water at home

3. There would be more clean water around if factories...

  1. produce more water

  2. used the same water several times

  3. only used water from rivers and lakes

5. Fill in who, which or where.

1. This is a place________________I first met Sally.

2. An alarm clock is something_____________wakes you up.

3. This is the place________ ______________we keep the tools.

4. The police still haven't found the man _____________robbed the bank.

5. Sheila is the girl_________________found my dog.

6. A fridge is something_____________________keeps food fresh.

6. Fill in said or told.

He_________________________us that there are only 1,000 giant pandas left in


"Soon there will be no gorillas left," he_____________________

She_____________________________________________me that she was right.

He____________________________that he had never seen a panda before.

Billy________________________to me, "I'm going to the zoo tomorrow."

"I can't help you," she___________________________________me.

</ 7. Rewrite the sentences in reported speech.

  1. "I'm thinking of adopting a dolphin," Steve said.

  2. "How often do you go there?" Sheila asked Jim.

  3. "Can I join the club?" Clair asked Jeff.

  4. "It was his birthday on 6th May," Mary said.

  5. "I've fed the chickens," Tommy said.

8. Choose the correct answer

  1. I'm afraid I can't come to your party on Saturday,

a) What a pity! b) How disgusting!

  1. Guess what -I passed my exams!

a) What a nuisance! b) How wonderful!

  1. Look at what I've just bought!

a) What a beautiful dress! b) How terrible!

  1. Bill broke his arm last week.

a) How wonderful! b) How awful!

  1. I brought you some flowers.

a) What a surprise! b) What a shame!

9. Fill in the correct preposition from the list.

- in, of with, on, from, at, for

Buckingham Palace is located____________________the heart of London.

The train station is only five minutes away_______________the Museum of Fine Arts.

Versailles is one of the most famous palaces________________________the world.

You will find fresh fish_____________________________any time of year in the local market.

Los Angeles is located_________________________________the west coast of North America.

Brown's department store offers a wide range_______________board games.

The Canary Islands are an ideal place________________an exotic holiday.

After work, Helen likes to relax___________________________________a good book

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