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Card №1

  1. Match the nouns to make new words

  • Traffic - Pool

  • Swimming - Hall

  • Eights - Concert

  • Tooth - Brush

  1. Grammar. Find the past forms of those verbs

get, go, rain, start, take, shine

  1. Topic "About myself"

Card №2

  1. Write the missing letters

Sc_ool _rite

_now fr_end

He_ry _rong

  1. Grammar. Write plural forms:

Tomato -

Butter -

Orange -

Sugar -

  1. Topic "My favourite subject"

Card №3

  1. Find the adjectives in this words

Glazers, hate, necessary, choose, important normal, typical

  1. Grammar. Say the means of countable and uncountable nouns

  2. Topic " My hobby"

Card №4

  1. Find good advice for each problem

A toothache A cough

A bad headache The flu

  1. Grammar. Demonstrative pronouns

  2. Topic "My school day"

Card №5

  1. Name the school subjects

  2. Grammar. The Present Perfect Tense

  3. Topic "My town"

Card №11

  1. Write the words

[t e i k] - [ ʃ a u ə ] -

[w Ɔ t ʃ ] - [ r a I d] -

  1. Grammar. Modal verbs Can/May

  2. Topic "My Family"

Card №12

  1. Write the words

[ fə:m] - [hə:] - [bƆ:n] -

  1. Grammar. Comparative and Superlative

  2. Topic " My hobbies"

Card №13

  1. Find the words

I L K M - E E T R -

R A C - N L A P E -

  1. Grammar. The Present Perfect Tense

  2. Topic "My school day"

Card №14

  1. Name the days of the week

  2. Grammar. Some and Any

  3. Topic "My day"

Card №15

  1. Write Plural forms

Tomato -

Picture -

Box -

Strawberry -

  1. Grammar. Much/Many, A few/A litte

  2. Topic "My favourite subject"

Card №20

  1. Find the words

A D N E R G - O R W F L E -

E E T R - G E E E B A T L V -

  1. Grammar. Write the irregular verbs

Be -

Begin -

Find -

Go -

  1. Translate the text into Kazakh language

On Saturday I am going to visit my grandmother. It is her birthday. My sister and I have balloons. I am going to take a birthday present for my grandmother. Mum and Dad are going to buy flowers .

Card №21

  1. Write the words in the right column

[e] [əe] [˄] [ju:] [u] [Eə] [ai] [əi]

Travel Bull

Dress There

Foot Their

Suitcase Tidy

  1. Grammar The Past Simple

  2. Topic " My native town"

Card №22

  1. How do we say these?

Sixteen and thirty five -

Eighteen and fourty -

Nineteen and ninety one -

Two thousand and seventeen -

  1. Find the words with the sound [˄]

  2. Topic "About myself"

Card №23

  1. Translate the words

Сауық кеші -

Өте дәмді -

Зеріктіретін -

Жасөспірім -

  1. Grammar. Put the words into correct place

Never, yet, just, ever,

  1. Topic "My favourite sport"

Card №24

  1. Translate the sentences

My brother is taller than me. My grandmother is the oldest in the family.

  1. Grammar. Match an adjective with it's opposite

Fast cheap

Clean slow

Expensive dirty

Old modern

  1. Topic "My family"

Card №25

  1. One make up sentences using this words:

Is, Than , My, Brother, taller, Me.

  1. Grammar. Write comparatives and superlatives

Dangers -

Good -

Dirty -

Bad -

  1. </<font face="Times New Roman, serif">Topic " Kazakhstan"

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