Конспект урока по английскому языку по теме 'Россия' (7 класс)

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Конспект урока в 7А классе по теме


Тип урока: урок формирования новых знаний, умений и навыков.

Цель урока:

научиться рассказывать о России на английском языке.

Задачи урока: формировать навыки аудирования; активизировать навыки чтения, учиться планировать свою деятельность, научиться пользоваться схемами при работе с информацией, формировать навыки монологического высказывания.

Оборудование: видеопроектор, раздаточный материал,

Org. moment

Good morning boys and girls. I'm glad to see you.

How are you today? (I am fine)

I am glad that you are in a good mood.

The weather is very nice today. It's nice to take photos. Do you like to take photos? I like photos very much. And I have some photos with me. Would you like to watch my photos? O.k. Look at the screen and answer the question. What do all these photos have in common? (Slide 1-6)

-P: They are all about Russia.

So, what is the theme of our lesson today?

Russia. We begin the unit about Russia. It's a big unit. So today we will speak about only general information of Russia. ( Slide 7)

Can you tell me about Russia in English?

No and why? ( Не знаем слов, нет плана рассказа)

So what is the aim of our lesson today?

The aim: to learn how to tell about general information of Russia ( Slide 8)

Where can we use this knowledge in our real life?

In order to reach our aim what should we know?

Warm up:

What associations do you have when you hear the word Russia?

( фронтальный опрос)

And now lets add some more words to our associations. On your desk you have a list of active vocabulary for the lesson. Lets pronounce them, repeat after me please. (Приложение 1).

What words from this list can you translate?


Now lets guess the meaning of other words. So we will enrich our vocabulary.

Work with new words

Now I want you to watch the video about Russia. But while watching this film fill in the gaps in these sentences. (Приложение 2). Смотрят видеоролик.

Now lets check up your work. (Самооценка)

So you've got some information about Russia from this video.


Now lets have a small break. Stand up and repeat my actions.

Who was the most attentive student ay our lesson? Who can tell me the proverb which you have seen at the corners of this room.

East or West home is best. What does it mean?

Now lets get some information from your textbooks

Work with a book, reading

Please open your books at page 128 and find the text about Russia

So you see that this big text is divided into 4 parts:

Look at the titles of these mini texts and say which text can you tell about:

1. the people of Russia

2. the biggest cities of our country

3. Russia's nature and animals

4. the weather in different parts of Russia

Now let's read and check our answers.

( самооценка)

Now you will work in groups and try to find the key words to your texts from these words

Write them on the blackboard.

We have a cluster. Can it be a plan for the topic about Russia?

Be ready to tell me about Russia using your cards.

Now work in pairs , tell each other about the general information about Russia.

Result of the lesson

To sum up our work lets write a sinqain about Russia.

Can we reach the aim of our lesson today?

Can you learn how to give the general information about Russia?

Your home task will be: make a leaflet about Russia.

Finish my sentences:

After lesson I can

It was interesting …

It was difficult …

Thank you for your work.

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