План по английскому языку на тему 'Talking about you'

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Daily lesson's Plan

Date:The 10th of September

Form: 1 "A"

Week: Tuesday

Theme: Lesson 2 How are you?

Aims of the lesson: 1. To introduce pupils with the phrases How are you ?

2. to develop thinking, memory, reading;

3.To bring up pupils love and interest to the subject.

Type: New theme

Methods: question - answer.

Aids: English textbook, pictures, colour pencils, cards

The Procedure of the lesson

I.Org moment: Greetings with pupils

Making of the absentees.

II Checking hometask: Revision

III. New material:How are you?

Hello children! Sit down, please. Today we introduce with the phrase How are you! - Қалың қалай?

  • Hello!

  • Hello!

  • What's your name?

  • My name is Ademy. What is your name?

  • My name is Bobby.

New words:

Sad - көңілсіз

Fine - тамаша

Happy - бақытты

Great - ұлы, тамаша

IV Doing exercises: Ex 1 p 6 listen, point and repeat.

I'm great.

I'm happy.

I'm fine.

I'm sad.

How are you today?

Ex 2 p 6Act.

-How are you today?

- I'm great.

-I'm fine.

-I'm fine.

Ex 3 p 7Game.

Ex 5 p 9

Hello! Hello!

How are you?

I'm great, great, great!

Hello! Hello!

How are you?

I'm happy, happy, happy!

Hello! Hello!

How are you?

I'm OK, OK,OK!

Hello! Hello!

How are you?

I'm sad, sad ,sad!

VI. Conclusion: Giving marks for the lesson

The lesson is over.

Good - bye pupils.

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