План по английскому языку на тему 'What is this? Who is this?'

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Daily lesson's Plan

Date: The 24thof September

Form: 1 "A"

Week: Tuesday

Theme: Lesson 4 What is this? Who is this?

Aims of the lesson: 1. To introduce pupils with the questions What? Who? And with the letter A a;

2. to develop thinking, memory, reading, speaking;

3.To bring up pupils love and interest to the subject.

Type: New theme

Methods: question - answer.

Aids: English textbook, pictures, colour pencils, cards

The Procedure of the lesson

I.Org moment: Greetings with pupils

Making of the absentees.

II Checking hometask: Revision

III. New material:What is this? Who is this?

Hello children! Sit down, please. Today we introduce with the questions What? Who? And with the letter A a.

- Hello!

- Hello!

- What's your name?

- My name is Ademy. What is your name?

- My name is Bobby.

- How are you?

- I'm fine.

New words:

Apple - алма

Ant - құмырсқа

What - не

Who - кім

IV Doing exercises: Ex 1 p 14 listen, point and repeat.

Apple, ant, Ademy, Astana.

Apple, ant, Ademy, Astana.

Ademy, apple, ant ,Astana.

Ex 2 p 14Listen and chant.

Letter A,A,A. Listerna,a,a.

Apple, ant, Ademy, Astana.

I'm Ademy

I'm from Astana.

Ex 3 p 14 write and say.

Apple, ant, Ademy, Astana

Ex 4 p 15

-Who is this?

-What is this?

VI. Conclusion: Giving marks for the lesson

The lesson is over.

Good - bye pupils.

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