Разработка открытого занятия на тему 'Fruits'

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Козлова Дарья Ивановна

ДОУ «Искорка», г. Петропавловск

Учитель английского языка

Organization-education activity technological scheme.

Класс: 1

Theme: Fruits

Vocabulary: An apple, a pear, a lemon

Speech patterns: What is this? It is an apple. What colour is this? It is red apple.


  • to acquaint children with the name of fruits.

  • to repeat names of colours.

  • to train children in the correct pronunciation of sounds and words.

I. Procedure of the lesson (25 minutes)

Part /



Time line

Description of Activities

Instructional strategies\grouping

Teachers' activity

Part One. Good afternoon, how are you?

Stage 1

-to greet children

3 minutes

Children greet each other and teacher with words:

Teacher: Good afternoon! Children, today we have guests, let's greet them.

Teacher: I'm glad to see you

Pupils: We are too.

Teacher: How are you?

Pupils: We are O'K.

After that teacher shows children their new guest in a group. It is a doll. Its name is "Doll". And Doll wants to meet with children. Then teacher asks questions, such as(children ask each other):

  • What is your name?

  • My name is ….

  • What is your surname?

  • My surname is ….

Group work (greeting circle)

Teacher's task is to greet the children and to motivate them to answer.

Teacher's task is to prepare questions for greeting circle.

Part Two. Fruits

Stage 2

-to revise vocabulary on the theme

7 minutes

Children have an interesting travel to Magic Garden. They meet Guest. It is Doll. Children ask guest's name and guest tells children that she comes to her grandmother from England and understands only English. Guest gathers some fruits in grandmother's garden, but she doesn't know names of these fruits. Guest gives basket of Fruits as present.

Teacher offers to help guest and name them in English. (But at the beginning we train lips and tongue: æ)

Teacher show some fruits and says children:

The first is an apple æ - æ - æ.

  • It is an apple.

  • It is a pear.

  • It is lemon.

  • These are fruits.

The task is to name the fruits teacher shows to children.

Answer altogether girls, boys

Teacher's task is to organize children for travelling Teacher's task is to prepare all visuals on the blackboard to the theme.

Teacher's task is to coordinate the process of revising the words and to correct the children if it needs.

Stage 3

-to develop speaking skills through the dialogue

6 minutes

Guest invites children to play different didactical games for reinforcing vocabulary and speech patterns.

Game 1. Make fruit compote and ask what colour it is

Let's make a compote for our guest. Children are standing in the circle. Children make a pairs and guest gives every child a card and asks him/her: F.e.:

  • What is this fruit?

  • It is an apple.

  • What colour is an apple?

  • It is red apple.

(Children ask and answer each other of fruits in the circle and put fruits in the plate)

Guest thanks children for tasty compote.

Circle game (dialogue)

Table game with cards and handouts

Teacher's task is to prepare all visuals and handouts for games

Teacher's task is to explain the rules for children.

Teacher's task is to coordinate the process of games and help them if it needs.

Part Three. Give me, please …

Stage 4

-to train vocabulary usage in speech

3 minutes

Game 2. Children go to the shop and buy present for guest.

The task is to use phrase, give me, please and name colours of present by cards.

F.e. - Give me, please, a teddy-bear.

- What colour is teddy-bear?

- It is brown teddy-bear.

Sing a song

Teacher's task is to repeat the last theme

Teacher's task is to develops children's speaking skills on the theme "Colours".

Part Four. Reflection "Little star"

Stage 5

-to reinforce the knowledge of the words

6 minutes

Guest asks that children know a song about little star. Let's sing it.

Twinkle, twinkle, little star,

How I wonder what you are!

Up above the world so high,

Like a diamond in the sky!

Twinkle, twinkle, little star,

How I wonder what you are!

Guest says that she spend a good time and comes back again. Teacher ends the lesson with the words: "Children, our lesson is over. Thank you for the lesson." Teacher gives some "marks" and says goodbye to children.

Group work (imitation)

Teacher's task is to train vocabulary with children with a help of poem.

Teacher's task is to control the process of revising and to draw every child in it.

II. Expected results of the lesson

  1. Children know fruits.

  2. Children can differentiate and name fruits in English.

  3. Children can use vocabulary in dialogue.

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