Конспект открытого урока по английскому языку на тему 'Мой дом' (3 класс)

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Конспект открытого урока по английскому языку в 3 классе

Тема урока «Мой дом»

Грамматическая тема «Оборот There is/ there are»

Учитель: Коломийцева Ольга Яковлевна

Цель урока: закрепление полученных лексических и грамматических навыков по теме «My home», отработка умений и навыков по их применению.

Образовательная задача: закрепить пройденный грамматический материал, а именно, употребление оборота There is/ there are, продолжать формировать у учащихся навыки общения в рамках речевой ситуации «Мой дом».

Развивающая задача: развивать у учащихся навыки монологической и диалогической речи и умение систематизировать полученные знания по данной теме.

Воспитательная задача: воспитывать у учащихся интерес к английскому языку, уважение к культуре и традициям страны изучаемого языка, воспитывать умение работать в коллективе и слушать друг друга.

I. Приветствие, сообщение темы урока.

-Good morning, dear guests. Good morning, boys and girls.

Our theme today is «My home». We`ll review the words on this theme and do some exersices with the turn there is/ there are. Now let`s start.

II. Фонетическая зарядка.

Let`s do some phonetic exersices. Please, repeat after me : ( dz)- large, (w)- we, when, (o)- with, mother, father, together. O.K. Now let`s recite the poem «Our flat».

Our large family

Has a nice flat.

We live there happily

With a kitten and a cat.

My sister and brother

All go to school.

We help one another,

It`s a good rule.

We help our mother

When she washes and cooks.

Together with father

We like to read books.

III. Лексическая зарядка.

a)You know many words on our theme. Let`s review them and play a little . (Работа с магнитными картинками). Find the right words to the pictures as quickly as you can.

b) Look at the picture for a moment and name all the things you can remember.

Now let`s check them.

c) Let`s see if you know the names of the rooms in the flat.

(a living room, a dinning room, a bedroom, a kitchen, a hall, a bathroom).

d) Let`s check your knowledge one more. Complete the sentences.

We cook in the...

We sleep in the...

We watch TV in the...

We eat in the...

We wash our hands in the...

We take off our overcoat in the...

e) Now look at the picture and put in the necessary words. (Картинка с изображением комнаты).

IV. Повторение грамматики.

Now let`s review our grammar rule. You know when we want to point at the place where an object or a subject is situated, we use the turn There is/ there are.

You should use there is in singular, when you speak about one thing, and there are in plural, when you speak about many things.

a) Now let`s do the exersice, look at the smart-board and put is or are.

  1. There........ a bed in the bedroom.

  2. What........ there on the desk?

  3. On the wall there .......... two pictures.

  4. There .........a cat and two dogs in the room.

  5. There .........three chairs and an armchair in the living room.

  6. How many books ......... there on the shelf?

  7. ........ there a toilet in the flat?

  8. ........ there boys in the park?

b) The next exersice: choose and the right sentence.

1.a) There is no a table in the room.

b) There is no table in the room.

2.a) There are four computers in the office.

b) There are no four computers in the office.

3.a) There is a monster in the picture?

b) Is there a monster in the picture? и т. д.

V. Физ. минутка.

Are you tired? Then let`s do the exersices. Stand up, please.

VI. Работа по картинкам. Диалогическая и монологическая речь.

  1. Now look at the picture and ask each other about the things in this room. Make up short dialogues. Begin them with Is there...? and What is there...?

-What is there in the picture?

-There is a room in the picture.

-Is there a sofa in the room?

-No, there isn`t. Is there a bookcase in the room?

-Yes,there is.

-What is there in the bookcase?

-There are many books in the bookcase. И т.д.

  1. Can you describe the picture? Look at this picture and tell us what can you see there.

VII. Исполнение песни «Animal House».

Today we talk about our house . Do you like to sing? Let`s sing a comic song «Animal House».

VIII. Работа на Macbook.

Now take the Macbooks. I have a little test for you. Do the exersices. Work on your own, please. You have 5 min.

IX. Подведение итогов.

You have worked very good today. Your marks for the lesson are...

Now write down your hometask.... Thank you very much. The lesson is over. Good buy.

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